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Same Delicious Tea/New Webpage Look

February 16, 2014 4 Comments

Welcome to the new Spice Traders Teas updated website.  Having struggled through last year with a system that was inadequate for our ever growing business, Captain Cook has put his awesome techie skills to use and implemented a more stable and secure shopping cart.

Captain Tea will be tweaking the aesthetics over the next few weeks and adding new pictures, while Captain Cook will be posting some amazing new recipes on the Blog to give you some delicious ideas for using our teas and spices in your culinary adventures.  Have some favorite recipes using our teas and spices?  Feel free to share.

We will be adding some new teas over the next few weeks that we've been taste-testing all winter and I know you will find these rapidly becoming a favorite.  (Mint Chocolate, Apple Pie, Thai Chai)

Thank you all for your wonderful support, encouragement and ideas this past year while we went through our transition.

2014, you look like an amazing year so far!

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May 12, 2014

Bought some Rendezvous Tea at the Renaissance Fair on Saturday before Mother’s Day and I just want to let you know it tastes DELICIOUS.
I will be buying and trying more teas from you.
Fenian’s question to try samples intrigued me, because some tea names I can’t imagine what they might taste like.


May 11, 2014

I just bought the Vanilla Tea at the Ren Faire on May 03rd. It was purchased as a Mother’s Day gift. The aroma is amazing, so much that I plan on going back to the faire this weekend (again), to find more amazing teas at a great price and learning more about how they created a unique blend. I am very happy with my purchase and so is the recipient of the tea gift, my mom!

Captain Tea
Captain Tea

March 12, 2014

We’ve been discussing the idea of putting together sample packs and think it’s time to put that idea on the top of my list :)


February 23, 2014

So many tantalizing choices, is there a way to maybe buy an ounce of a choice of four or five to try?

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