Yay Midsummer Faire! Boo shipping.

August 04, 2016 2 Comments

So we're in Bonney Lake Washington for the Washington Midsummer Faire (http://www.washingtonfaire.com/), but given the distance between here and home unfortunately I can't commute back to the shop to deal with shipping, so some orders will be delayed until I'm back home and in the shop, likely going out August 24. 800 miles is just a bit too much of a commute to the shop unfortunately.
-Captain T

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May 21, 2020

I purchased the Cannon Ball Rub seasoning and the Women’s Blend Tea from Spice Traders at the Bonney Lake Midsummer Renaissance Festival. Their prices are perfect and the quality of everything is excellent! The Women’s Blend Tea helps me every month during my mother nature time. It surprised me on how well it worked for my body and mind when I first tried it! Now I make sure I have it stocked for when the time comes every month lol. Now to the Cannon Ball Rub… that is an amazing seasoning! Holy cow! I use it on thin steak strips in the morning with steak and eggs as well as on a huge prime rib at night! It is my go-to red meat seasoning! I really like the way that it is and that it is not finely ground up either! Thank you for such wonderful products!


April 21, 2019

We purchased some smoked paprika and their “Cannonball” seasoning. They are a revelation! A discovery!

The smoked paprika is fantastic in EVERYTHING: proteins, poultry, rice, etc. Ground finely, it adds lovely color and a sweet-smoky flavor to all of your savory dishes. We ran out so fast, I’ll have to buy a replenisher and FAST!

The Cannonball seasoning is roughly ground, so it does better as an outer seasoning on steaks before grilling. If you want it to last longer, or want to add a pepper and savory blend of magnificent wonder to your food, I also recommend grinding it slightly before use — if only to make the seasoning last longer.

We’ll definitely be purchasing more of these seasonings AND MORE.

Haven’t yet tried the teas, but I’m looking forward to it.

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